Diamond City @ Semenyih

Lasting status, exclusivity and luxury.

Surrounded by beautiful greenery and rolling hills.

Finally, an opportunity to live in a high-end freehold villa community that offers a complicated yet modern Spanish theme combined with magnificent landscape, top-notch amenities and top-grade security.

A township smartly designed for abundant liveability.

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  • Project Name: Diamond City @ Semenyih
  • Developer: Country Garden, and Mayland Group
  • Location: Semenyih
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Price: From RM750,000 onwards.
  • Project Type: Spanish villa township


  • Infinity Pool
  • Indoor Badminton Courts
  • Bowling Alley
  • Squash Courts
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Mini Theater
  • Outdoor Children’s Playground
  • Indoor Children’s Play Area
  • Gym
  • Steam Room
  • Library


  • 20 June 2020 – Register your VVIP preview and best units.
  • 6 June 2020 – HOC: ✔ Stamp duty exemption ✔ 90% loan for 3rd property.
  • 12 September 2018 – Lake View Villa is opened for booking.
  • 18 January 2017 – 70% of Phase 2 units was sold.
  • 3 June 2014 – Phase 1 of Diamond City was 70% taken up.

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Gated & Guarded

Expansive Infinity Pool

57,000 sq. ft. Spanish Style Clubhouse

Lush Green Landscapes

✔ Highly Accessible Via Major Highways

Having seen rapid and major development in Klang Valley, Semenyih is set to bring a touch of Spain to the countryside via the Country Garden Diamond City.

This will become the first villa township in Malaysia to take a Spanish approach to development. Taking up a whopping 257 acres of space, this unique location is expected to cost around RM2 billion.

It’s expected to help add even more to an already stunning scenic location, with a project that combines Spanish architectural beauty with natural charm.

diamond city semenyih

This will provide Malaysian property buyers with the chance to buy a classic Spanish villa in Malaysia. With stunning natural backdrops, these developments will add a new and more green-friendly approach to Malaysian real estate development. With 276 homes being built in the region, measuring from 3333 sq ft. to 3657 sq ft.

What Makes Country Garden Diamond City so Special?

Each home will come with ample room for family activities, high quality living, and fittings for just about any purpose you would need. These Spanish-themed villas will be mostly aimed at middle-to-upper class buyers, with prices from RM750,000 to RM1.8m expected. This is much cheaper when you compare to The Mansions @ Desa ParkCity.

The project, launched in 2013, covers a lot of popular activities. The properties also carry a very rich Spanish look and feel to them, with vintage Spanish arches and large porches as well as unique terracotta colouring used throughout.

diamond city living room

This helps to find a happy blend between Spanish inspired architecture and designs which are suitable to Malaysian terrain. The end result is a property combination that exudes charm and professionalism, combining together the best of Spanish architectural ideas with modern construction ideology in Malaysia.

Add in the powerful natural looks and views around the areas, and it’s easy to see why Country Garden Diamond City has gathered so many admirers and interested parties since development began.


Like many townships in Malaysia, this stunning little private region will come with its own amenities and facilities for personal usage. Chief among them is the stunning Spanish-inspired 57,000-sq ft clubhouse. This will come with stunning features inside, as well as the most satisfying standard and living experience imaginable.

diamond city clubhouse

The development, designed to provide the utmost leisure and satisfaction, provides everyone with a unique range of features to enjoy including:

  • A stunning Infinity Pool for relaxation and satisfaction.
  • A steam room for post-relaxation enjoyment and treatment.
  • Gymnasium for ensuring you can stay in tip-top physical condition.
  • Reading rooms for relaxing and educating the mind further.
  • Play areas indoors and outdoors to keep children satisfied day-in, day-out.

However, that’s not all. For those who enjoy a bit of competitive play, the introduction of various sporting arenas changes everything. You will enjoy access to:

  • Squash courts, giving you the chance to enjoy satisfying competitive play.
  • Indoor basketball courts, making sure you can shoot hoops in all weathers.
  • Indoor badminton courts, offering a fun sport to play when the weather forbids other activities.
  • Table tennis courts, offering another fun sport to play indoors that’s high-paced and intense.
  • Health and wellness centres, making it easy to get a post-game warm-down experience.

On top of this, you can enjoy various other satisfying ways to have fun and to let loose a little, including:

  • Impressive mini-theater set up to help you enjoy outstanding personal displays.
  • Entertainment rooms, packing in various digital entertainment options.
  • Bowling alleys, making it easy to enjoy another competitive sporting experience.
  • Convenience stores, making it easy to grab any snacks that you might need.
  • Cafeterias, ensuring you can always get something to eat after a match-up.

With full security and 24-hour surveillance, you can feel safe at the clubhouse.

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Diamond City Location


However, don’t feel as if you are trapped or locked away if you choose to move to Country Garden Diamond City. This is located in the southern section of the Klang Valley, meaning that the development is away from the city centre. While this helps to cut out the business of city life, it makes it easy for you to get into the city should you need to do some shopping or enjoy some R&R.

Connectivity is impressive, allowing for you to easily access the major highways and roads connecting you to major cities. This includes the likes of the Kajang-Seremban Highway and the North-South Expressway. Getting into the city is very easy from here, ensuring you can get to and from Malaysia’s main shopping locations with ease.

diamond city location

On top of this, residents can easily visit the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, being only a 50-minute drive from the township. This allows you to easily travel to and from the country in under an hour, as well as making it easy to get to other major townships.

The likes of Kajang and Bangi are around 30-minutes from Country Garden Diamond City. This means that visiting friends, family members, colleagues, and business associates will become so much easier. Travel has been thought about consistently during development, ensuring you can get around easier tan ever.

This all comes together to create a deeply satisfying suburban experience. This exclusive development helps to keep you away from the hustle-bustle of city life, but close to what you actually need. this includes easy access to major facilities such as:

  • Supermarkets and shopping facilities such as TESCO.
  • Easy retail therapy through visits to the Billion Shopping Centre & Metre Plaza Kajang.
  • Simple competitive choice with easy access to Kompleks Kota Kajang.
  • An awesome range of restaurants, ensuring that eating out is never a challenge.
  • Access to banks and other key facilities that can help you to run your life/business.
  • Healthcare in the form of Hospital Kajang, KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital & Columbia Asia Hospital.

Parents will be happy to know that numerous prestigious learning institutes are based nearby, too. The likes of the University of Nottingham Malaysia being just 1km away. So, too is the famous Tunku Abdul Rahman University being near the local primary and secondary school options.

With easy access to top facilities from adolescence to adulthood, growing up in the area has never been easier.

Diamond City Floor Plan


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sadabell layout
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valencia layout
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Diamond City Master Plan

diamond city master plan

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Thanks to the European inspiration in the design style and the layout of the township, Country Garden Diamond City has brought a little piece of Europe directly into Asia.

One of the main reasons for the growth, though, comes from the choice of location. Based in Semenyih, this particular location has been built on the ideology of holistic living and greater living standards for those who stay here.

By keeping the locals close to nature and also ensuring they can access major cities, this is a best of both worlds approach. This allows for people to live in the township knowing that they have easy access to all of the most essential facilities and amenities that they might need today. This helps to keep Diamond City a location where anyone could live and enjoy a high standard of living.

With numerous amenities installed to help keep locals busy, too, this is a location that can cater to almost every day-to-day need. Yet with access made so easy to the major cities nearby, this is the perfect setup for a new township in Semenyih.

It’s this approach that has helped to turn this part of the Hulu Langat district into something genuinely special. Thanks to a history based around natural and organic farming and recreational activity, this is the perfect home for County Garden Diamond City. A naturally inspired township inspired by the landscape around it; both area and township help to make each other better.


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Who Developed Diamond City?

The township was developed by a joint venture between two major players in the nations development industry. Malaysia Land Sdn Bhd and Country Garden came together to develop this unique property.

Founded in 1995 by Tan Sri Dato’ David Chiu, Mayland has been credited with helping to assist develop as many as 20,000 homes, as well as some of the most crucial commercial developments taking place in Malaysia today.

Country Garden is a Chinese-based company that is among the most respected developers in the Chinese real estate industries. They’ve been involved in the development of commercial properties and residences for two decades, with over 200 township programs finished across Australia, Malaysia, and China.

With over 70,000 employees worldwide, too, Country Garden have become recognized through their work in the form of various awards. The company was voted the iProperty People’s Choice winner in 2014 and has also been listed as a Top 10 Chinese real estate brand in the past.

Diamond City FAQs

🔥 Can I book an appointment or register interest?

Yes. Please click here to book an appointment or register interest.

🏠 What is the project name?

The project name is Country Garden Diamond City @ Semenyih.

💰 How much is Diamond City priced at?

Diamond City selling price is RM750,000 onwards.

👷 Who is the developer of Diamond City?

Country Garden and Mayland Group.