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TIME Internet Fibre Home Broadband Plans

100 Mbps


24 months

Optical Network Unit (ONU) & WiFi Router
– Pay-as-you-use


TIME Voice Home Lite
– RM2.50/month
– FREE 30mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149


TIME Voice Home Max
– RM10/month
– FREE 300mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149

>> 500 Mbps <<


24 months

Optical Network Unit (ONU) & WiFi Router
– Pay-as-you-use


TIME Voice Home Lite
– RM2.50/month
– FREE 30mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149


TIME Voice Home Max
– RM10/month
– FREE 300mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149

1 Gbps


24 months

Optical Network Unit (ONU) & WiFi Router
– Pay-as-you-use


TIME Voice Home Lite
– RM2.50/month
– FREE 30mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149


TIME Voice Home Max
– RM10/month
– FREE 300mins/month**
– Free DECT Phone worth RM149



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TIME Fibre Business Internet

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Technical Support

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Reasons You’ll Love TIME Internet in Malaysia

Fastest Speeds

Do not settle for slower speeds when you can get up to 1Gbps.

No Lock-in Contract

There is no contract period to worry about as you enjoy the top speeds.

100% Fibre

Such high speed and stability can only be provided with a full-fibre network.

Seamless Connectivity

You can enjoy a strong signal anywhere in the house with our Wi-Fi booster.

Expert Installation

We have a team of Tech Ninjas who will take care of the installation perfectly.

Easy Installation

Pick a Date
Select the installation date that works for you while signing up.

Sit Back, Relax
Our installer will confirm the appointment and provide you with assistance.

Connection Test
The connection is tested by our installer. All your queries will be addressed as well.

TIME Fibre: You Get the Rocket. We Do the Science

TIME is focused on ensuring that the customers’ demands for secure, reliable, and fast broadband are taken care of in the best possible manner by comprehensive network solutions along with other value services.

We have a nationwide Fibre optic network, the Cross Peninsular Cable system (CPCS™) that makes sure that we fulfill our promises and commitments. Our CPCS™ stands for resilience and makes sure that we provide reliable and fast speed to our customers in the best way possible.


What is the fastest Internet in Malaysia?

TIME Fibre 1Gbps offers the fastest internet speed in Malaysia. You can apply here.

How fast is 100mbps Internet?

A single user with 100 Mbps internet speed will be enough for watching Youtube, Netflix, and other media-services provider. Aside from daily work like browsing internet and checking email, it’s most certainly sufficient for online gaming and downloading movies.

Why is TIME Fibre Home Broadband the perfect choice?

You will find TIME home fibre plans to be one of the most cost-effective options. Perhaps you love to watch movies or play games. It could also be that you have to download and upload stuff frequently due to your job or whatever reason. If this is the case, you can stop thinking of all the other internet plans in Malaysia and opt for the TIME and get the best broadband experience. The latest innovative technology of fibre broadband is offered by TIME, which makes sure that you get the highest speed internet connection with reliability.

Is TIME Fibre Home Broadband available where I live?

It would be ideal for us if we could offer our services throughout Malaysia and allow everyone to enjoy our services. However, currently, TIME internet coverage are available in multi-dwelling units in Klang Valley only. Take a look at the coverage search page and find out if you are in a locality where you can make use of our excellent packages.

Do I get discounts and rebates with TIME Fibre Home broadband?

Currently, all the new subscribers of TIME will get free equipment as a gift. You will also get rebates on some specific packages. Contact us to find out everything about rebates and discounts.

How to Switch to TIME?

1. You will need to terminate your contract with your current broadband provider.
2. Keep in mind that you might be penalized if you terminate the contract before its completion.
3. Once your contract is over, you can reach out to us.

Will I need any documents for subscribing to TIME services?

– If you are a non-Malaysian citizen, your passport of MyKad will be required.
– If you select the Auto Debit payment option, a credit card like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard is needed.

Do I have to pay any fees for subscribing to TIME?

1. You will need to submit a deposit which is a one-time charge
a) Non-Malaysians have to pay a deposit of RM300. The amount can be refunded fully if you cancel services, provided that you do not have any outstanding balance. You will not be required to pay this fee if you decide on signing up for a 12-month contract.
b) A one-time charge of RM-300 has to be paid for 12-month contracts, which is non-refundable. It is collected upfront for the completion of the subscription.
2. Recurring Fees
a) Broadband service fee depending on your subscription plan
b) Voice Service – there is TIME Voice Home Basic Plan (on a Pay-As-You-Go basis) OR RM2.50 for TIME Voice Home Lite wherein additional charges may apply OR RM10 for TIME Voice Home MAX where you might have to pay additional charges
c) You will have to pay RM5 for paper bills if applicable.

Will I need to buy any extra equipment?

We will provide you with the Wi-Fi router and an optical network unit along with installation services.

Will the installation cost me?

Basic cabling services are offered by us, which extend up to 20m from the point of entry. This would include the distance from the main front door, which is roughly 6m from sockets for the buildings that have pre-laid fibre to the place where you would keep the router. If you have to relocate the equipment, a fee will be charged based on the cabling material and manpower required. You might also be charged extra for any requests that you make over the basic cabling services. You can always ask for the approved rate card to find out the costs that should be paid to the installer.

Who will take care of the installation?

The installation will be carried out by TIME authorized installer.

Is there any drilling involved in the installation process?

Some drilling might have to be done during installation. Permission will be taken before commencing any drilling.

How long does it take for installation and activation?

2 to 4 hours can be taken in the installation process for TIME internet in Malaysia. This depends on the type of unit you reside in along with your location. During this process, an initial site survey is done. Things like piping, ducting, configuration, electrical work, and testing of equipment are included in the process.

TIME Internet Is Launching Advanced Performance Routers and Mesh Wi-fi as Extra Options

TIME Internet has launched an optional pack of routers to their Home Internet clients that seek faster and improved network performance at their home. The Malaysian highly rated internet service provider has also introduced new add-ons into its optional Wi-Fi mesh pack.

Also known as TIME Devices, the company suggests using the ASUS AC86U model for people wishing to get advanced network capability for gaming priced at RM699. Those who wish to get more speed will get covered too as the company will soon have the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 device sold at RM1,809.

It should be noted that the typical router available by TIME Fibre Internet offers to its 100Mbps and 500Mbps speed (Home Broadband) clients is the TP-Link EC230 model. The 1Gbps pack is available with a supplemental D-Link DIR-882. Also, 500 and 100Mbps clients can apparently upgrade to the second device for the price of RM350.

Those who seek a broader Wi-Fi field, can go for the Linksys Velop which serves as both a router and mesh Wi-Fi. This choice will come at the price of RM649 for 1 node installation and respectively RM1,199 for the installation of 2 nodes.

TIME fiber customers can also go for the TP-Link Deco P9 2-nodes pack which is a mixed mesh Wi-Fi platform, available at RM719/pack. The company additionally keeps on offering its former Wi-Fi platform, the AirTies Air 4830 2-nodes set to clients, costing RM579.

Now when it comes to availability, current clients of TIME broadband internet will be able to get these packs via TIME Self Care system. Newer customers can also get these once they register for the home broadband service here.

Choosing TIME Broadband to Stay Connected

We live in the digital era wherein if one does not have a satisfactory internet connection; he would become disconnected from the world and its happenings.

The Internet is also used to connect with loved ones and friends. Furthermore, people also like to spend their spare time watching YouTube or Netflix.

You get the highest speed for home broadband at the lowest possible rate with TIME fibre.

time fibre plans

The purpose of developing broadband was to replace the dial-up connection in the early 2000s.

An Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL connection is used to make sure that you can transfer a high volume of data at rapid speed via broadband.

As per the survey of iMoney 2019 Broadband, more than 66% of users of home broadband in Malaysia claimed that they were quite satisfied with the quality service of their home broadband.

The survey also revealed that TIME fibre customers were quite happy, as nearly 93% stated that they were satisfied with their services.

The average cost of a 100Mbps broadband package is between RM99 and RM129 monthly in the Klang Valley.



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4 Reasons Why Malaysia Business Owners Should Invest in a Fast Internet Connection like TIME Broadband

As reported by a global content delivery network company, Akamai, Malaysia’s standard Web connection speed is the 10th fastest in Asia-Pacific in 2017, with a normal internet speed for fixed broadband at 78.03 megabits per second (Mbit/s) as of early 2020. With the world constantly changing and improving, businesses must utilize on the improving Web connection speed to maximize earnings, clients’ complete satisfaction and also staff members’ work productivity. As increasingly more workers bring their Internet-linked devices to work, it will soak up limited bandwidth. Below are 4 reasons your company should select a faster internet connection like a TIME Internet package, and how it will be rewarding for your company.

Leverage on Cloud Networking

By taking advantage of cloud networking, resources can be shared efficiently to support the internet traffic and the high volume of data transfer. This will reduce the time required to host a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, which will bring on a positive user experience.

time fibre coverage

Throughout the years, cloud-hosted applications have been growing by leaps and folds. Thus, for an organisation to preserve its effectiveness, it is necessary to get a quick Internet connection.

Data Security

Quick Internet connection will allow businesses to fully backup the data and relevant information offered, avoiding data loss due to devices failure or theft. With a higher Internet connection speed like TIME internet coverage offers, it will have the ability to support the amount of data stored, which is continuously growing.

time internet coverage

In the case where data is being stored using a slow Web connection, it may cause information loss and other issues. In addition, the back up might not be able to be carried out even if it was scheduled to be done overnight.

Video Conferencing

One technique to increase efficiency while reducing costs is to make use of video conferencing. This minimizes the cost of transport while conserving the time needed to travel, which can be used to take part in more productive work. In order to guarantee a smooth video conferencing, companies will need to guarantee that they have the best facility, which is a fast and reliable Web connection. TIME internet customer service mentioned that it is vital that business invests in a quick Web connection as live video communication needs higher bandwidth, which can only be fulfilled by fast Web connection speed.

time internet application

If a service does not have a fast and trusted web connection, it might lead to an unfavourable meeting experience for the customer, and they might rely on your rivals to work with them instead. As more Malaysians are working from home due to COVID-19, the usage of video conference like Zoom and Google Hangouts are booming. Be sure to invest in a reliable broadband like TIME Internet package.

Heavy Weighted Emails & Sites

As reported by a research study by Microsoft, human now only have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is a sharp reduction from 12 seconds in 2000. To get individuals’s attention, emails and websites are ending up being more visual, and infographics are utilized regularly nowadays. With more visuals, it will suggest that the emails and sites are ‘much heavier’, hence needing more bandwidth to view them, in order to avoid long loading time. Therefore, with a higher Internet connection speed from TIME broadband packages will indicate that your employees will be able to get more done in the very same quantity of time as the loading time will reduce drastically.

Altogether, by obtaining a quick and trustworthy Internet connection will definitely be adding value to your company, and it will improve efficiency, consumers’ satisfaction as well as enhance the users experience on your website. Check TIME coverage and make an application now.