Waltz Residences @ OUG

The Waltz Residences is a 419-unit luxurious residence developed for people with elegant lifestyles and graceful preferences.

It is an all-encompassing living unit system that is specially created to accommodate the stylish in the most comfortable and relaxing environments.

The Waltz Residences features a 33-floor South Tower and a 38-floor North Tower. It is only 30 minutes away from the Klang Valley. It combines the beauty of modern architecture with the grace of a serene to create a desired place of residence.

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  • Project Name: Waltz Residences @ Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: WCT OUG Development Sdn Bhd
  • Location: OUG
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Price: From RM814,000 onwards.
  • Land Title: Residential

Unit Types

TypeBuilt-Up (Sq.ft.)Starting Price (RM)
Type A: 3 beds & 2 baths948814,000
Type B: 3+1 beds & 3 baths1088892,000
Type C: 3+1 beds & 4 baths1250982,000
Type D1: Dual Key16911,315,000
Type D2: Non Dual Key16911,279,000


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  • 13 June 2020 – Click here to download Waltz Residences brochure.
  • 7 June 2020 – HOC: ✔ Stamp duty exemption ✔ 90% loan for 3rd property.

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waltz residence

Being the first section of construction in W City, the Waltz Residences is a residential development that consists of 419 units. Each unit features an ultramodern structure that houses a peaceful and comfortable living space.

The residence occupies a total landmass of 2 acres and has its name inspired by the waltz dance. It is even marketed with a slogan that aligns with its name – “dance to the good life“. Contrary to the lavish triple-rhythm dance origin of Waltz, the residence is detailed with a conceptual poise and style that catches the fancy of people from all walks of life.

Being under construction, this two-tower living facility promises to be the most significant radical change from the ordinary in OUG. Its well-structured and elegant design, obviously attained by the finest of creativity, is expected to be revolutionary and mind-blowing.

Besides being W City’s project’s first execution, Waltz Residences is also W City’s earliest residential development. This is because it has a natural demarcation that separates it from other projects. And this separation is crucial if people are going to enjoy their resting after a day filled with works.

Recreational Rooftop

Of the two blocks that make up the Waltz Residences, the South Tower features a 33-storey rhythmic structure with fascinating amenities featured in it.

Only the first 30 storeys of this tower are to be occupied by residents. The 31st, 32nd, and 33rd storeys are to house recreational facilities. On the 31st storey, an infinity Olympic sized swimming pool is to be situated alongside other attractions like kids’ pool, a floating pavilion, and a landscaped garden.

waltz pool

Glass walls have been proposed to enclose the yoga deck and ultramodern gym so that residents can meditate and work out under the captivating view of the sky. Exercisers will also get to savor all the excitement that would be happening right beneath them.

Floor Levels

The rooftops are not the only levels in the South Tower with facilities. The 7th storey also features an elevated meeting patio and an ornate pavilion where you can relax and enjoy the captivating view surrounding the tower.

waltz garden

In total, there are 30 different facilities in the Waltz Residences, with each permeating into the North Tower from their respective floors. The facilities offered are really comparable to high-end condominium like OCP @ Desa ParkCity. There are also levels dedicated to security personnel and purposes. This is to ensure that residents enjoy their living spaces without having to deal with security issues.

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Waltz Residences Location


waltz residence

The Waltz Residences is situated in W City, which is a developing project of 63 acres. It lies on the two ends of Jalan Awan Besar in Overseas Union Garden, KL. The Waltz Residences road links to the Old Klang Road and Bukit Jalil through Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1.

There is also a fusion of the Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1 with the Jalan Awan Besar road on a raised bridge. The bridge has four vehicle lanes on each side of the way, and it crosses the MRR2, KESAS highway, and Sungai Kuyoh. It also links up OUG to Bukit Jalil at a later location.

About W City

Of all the projects undertaken by KL South, W City happens to be the first development to feature a conducive residential environment with amenities people require to suit their lifestyles. W City measures 2 million sq feet and is seated in between Pavilion Bukit Jalil City and the Mid Valley Mega Mall.

w city

Waltz Residences Floor Plans

Each of the 419 units in Waltz Residences has sizes that range from 948 sq ft and 1,691 sq ft and features the least number of 3 bedrooms and parking spaces. They can also be grouped into five different categories based on their sizes and floor layouts.

type a

Type A happens to be the smallest apartment size and measures 948 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, a pretty small patio, and 2 bathrooms.

type b

Type B, which is next in size after Type A, has 3 bedrooms, an extra store-sized room, 3 bathrooms, a patio, and yard. It measures 1,088sq ft, and its extra room can fit in a single bed to make four bedrooms.

type c

Measured at 1,250 sq ft, Type C has 3 bedrooms, an extra store-sized room 4 bathrooms, a balcony, and a sizeable yard.

type d1

The most significant units are the Types D1 and D2. They measure a whopping 1,691 sq ft and do not have kitchens in them. They are utterly spacious and luxurious and afford residence the overwhelming aura of freedom and luxury. Both unit types have up to two balconies that measure 10ft X 3ft to allow residents all the relaxation space they need.

type d2


waltz specification

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One of the most essential elements to consider in the selection of living space is the road network leading connected to the area. W City is bound to be highly successful because it features a road network – OKR – that leads to everywhere else.

The OKR 2 is about the oldest and first significant highway to Waltz Residences. And the apartment itself is right at the centre of the Klang Valley. This means that it is more likely to naturally attract clients and residents to itself. Visitors and tourists alike would also be captivated by the luxury and feature of the project.

waltz residence

For a radical change, W City is introducing slices of maturity into the already happening activities in the area. It is set to feature exquisite hotels, residential spaces, commercial hubs, retail offices, and shopping complexes in the area.

W City promises to be the best location for work, residence, and property investment. This is because KL City and a host of other exciting places are only minutes from the new development. And this feature of the W City makes Waltz Residences worth every investor’s time and money. It is also not a one-man project, you can choose to lease out your space or sell it at a much later time.


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Who Developed Waltz Residences?

WCT is a property development firm that has gained popularity from developing prominent property. They have been around since 1981 as an earthwork company, and have grown to the point of owning four shopping centres.


In order of their development and procurement time, the shopping centres owned by WCT are Petaling Jaya Paradigm Mall, Bukit Tinggi Shopping mall in Klang, the Gateway@KLIA2 in Sepang complex, and the Paradigm Mall located in Johor Bahru. The last mall opened up in 2016, and all the malls have remained in operation ever since their openings.

Paradigm Mall PJ

W City is a leading group in construction and engineering expertise. Their area of specialization includes the development of racing tracks, water systems, highways, airports, and dams. And the emergence of the Waltz Residences project has made them a household name among homeowners and investors.

Waltz Residences FAQs

🔥 Can I book an appointment or register interest?

Yes. Please click here to book an appointment or register interest.

🏠 What is the project name?

The project name is Waltz Residences @ Kuala Lumpur.

💰 How much is Waltz Residences priced at?

Waltz Residences selling price is RM814,000 onwards.

👷 Who is the developer of Waltz Residences?

WCT OUG Development Sdn Bhd.