Choosing The Best Water Filter in Malaysia: Definitive Guide

First, Do You Really Need a Water Filter in Malaysia?

In short, YES.

We are blessed in Malaysia to have clean and pure tap water. You don’t practically need a water filter or purifier in most cases.

But, there are a few reasons why a water filters or water purifier may come handy:

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Reason 1:
Water filters can filter the contaminants inside the pipes and storage containers, which your water passes through.

Reason 2:
A water filtration unit and a purifier will decrease the smell and taste of chlorine in tap water.

Reason 3:
Your water will become alkaline (after filtration or purification) and you can reap additional health benefits.

Choosing the Right Water Filters for Your Home

Here are a number of factors you should consider when it comes to buying a water filter:

Back up by NSF

When you choose a water filter system, you should always check that the contaminant control claims of the product are backed up by a reliable and independent organization e.g NSF.

NSF is an independent organization that offers certification approval to companies who produce, sell and use water filtration products, following independent trials and checks. NSF is a critical factor to us at 3M as our products are aimed at obtaining the highest industry standards.

No-hassle Maintenance

Some water filters brands let you spend more time with your loved ones. Only a fast twist is enough to replace the water filter cartridges yourself.

For instance, 3M water filters include a “Sanitary Quick Change” (SQC) part which enables a much simpler, faster and purer filter change. SQC also comes with a unique head mesh that makes changing the cartridge a breeze. You just twist out the cartridge and twist in the replacement – that’s it!

How Do Water Filters Work?

There are all sorts of water filtration units, the majority of which utilize both mechanical and chemical filtration to expel any compounds and tiny contaminants from our drinking water.

Mechanical filtration acts as a practical blockage that expels bigger particles from drinking water.

Chemical filtration also involves chemical reactions once the water flows through an activated material that removes smaller contaminants that mechanical filters were not able to remove.

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Water Filters, or Water Purifiers?

These two words are often used interchangeably by producers as there is an increasing number of devices that come with both water filtration and water purification capabilities.

Still, there are a few differences between the two.

A water filter expels dirt, impurities, and contaminating particles from your water, as it flows through the unit.

Now, a water purification unit goes beyond just removing these contaminants. It also removes a great amount if not all of the minerals flowing through the unit.

Generally speaking, a water purifier is stronger than a water filter in regards to clearing out water.


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